Hi, I'm Grace Suarez! I'm studying fashion design at FIT here in NYC. Here you'll find what inspires me and what I believe is beautiful.

Not Worth My Time

So, I’ve decided to finally end my fashion design internship that was suppose to last through out the whole summer. Why you ask? Well, something finally got me to say:”Why Am I Here?” I receive no stipend, leaving now means I wont get school credits and my supervisor is a mega bitch. I hate her so fucking much! Everyone in the company is super nice and actually respects all the interns…except for her. One morning when I told her that I would try to come in a bit earlier (9:30AM) to make up for the fact that I was leaving earlier, I got there at 10AM (the usual expected time) and she got all mad at me and said, “I HATE it when people are late and I’ve literally fired people for just being late. This whole thing makes me not like you. I mean your nice and all, but I don’t like you…” She made it so personal and its not like I arrive late every single day (I’ve arrived late 2 or 3 times, but its an unpaid internship and 10 minutes aren’t going to make a difference) and I’ve stayed late until 10PM or 11PM multiple times, even when I didn’t have to. I’ve always worked hard and never complained even when they had me running around the garment district looking for threads. I would stay at my internship if she wasn’t my supervisor. Today I had to leave early to go to my part-time (PAID) job cause I picked up a shift and she got all mad and said, “If your only going to be here for a day and half (I come in 2X per week because of my new job) then your not worth my time…” I just turned around and thought to myself, “WHAT THE FUCK!? YOUR time? How am I wasting your time when IM the one staying here working for free on 10 to 12 hour shifts!?” That was literally the last straw and I’d rather spend my time with a company that actually respects their interns and doesn’t say mean things behind their backs like, “That kid Lawrence (an Intern) is such a waist of space.” Whenever she doesn’t get what she wants she gets angry and has the worst attitude…especially to interns. B is for Bitch, and that’s what she is. I’m giving my two week notice next time I come in and I only wish her the worst. The company and the main designers are truly some of the best people I’ve worked with, but my supervisor is the total stereotype of the ultra-bitchy-rude-design assistant who thinks she’s all that and a bag of chips-mean girl who needs a total attitude adjustment. Cause honey, the fashion business is a small world and in a couple of years when I’m (hopefully) working with a big label, word will get out of how unprofessional you can be. Good rid-dens!

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